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Mad Dog MC









The Mad Dog Motorcycle Club (MDMC) is close-knit brotherhood of bikers with a shared

passion for riding big bikes together, preferably far and hard. Members are executives,
businessmen and professionals from all over the world, who have one thing in common:
each member has earned the privilege of wearing the Mad Dog colors and club tattoo.

Membership in the MDMC is acquired after being invited to become a club “Prospect” ,
then completing a challenging “Prospectship” period of at least six months. A Mad Dog
treasures his honor and integrity, and lives by the values of Freedom, Courage & Loyalty.

The MDMC is not meant for every biker, and not every biker is meant to become a Mad Dog.

As an Asia based MC with it’s Mother Chapter founded in the Philippines in 1994, MDMC
has other Chapters located in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong & China.

Mad Dogs, however, are not just bikers. They are also moved to “give forward”, to share,
however modestly but from the heart, with other members of society, particularly
disadvantaged children who are especially helpless and vulnerable.